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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dr. Roy Clark??? - Memory Lane

Roy earned his Honorary Doctorate Degree from University of Northern Alabama in the early 1990's.
Photo by: Carol Grace Anderson


  1. Barbara DuvallOctober 01, 2011

    I love Roy Clark! Always have and always will. Last time I saw him in concert was at a casino in Lake Charles. I don't gamble, but I went just to see him. The handsome man I was with was so jealous that his suave confidence was shaken a bit when I said I love Roy Clark!
    The show was too short, but I was so dazzled by Roy there might as well not have been anyone else in the room. Years ago I heard him say he lives on a lake in Tulsa and he fishes. I fish too and my dream is to fish with Roy Clark on his lake in Tulsa.
    Barbara in Houston

  2. Fay Clark-BarkerNovember 09, 2011

    I have been researching my family history and Roy Clark looks like my dad, Vernon Buford Clark. Is it too much to ask what his parents names are? My dad and his brothers all played music and sang. My uncle Kenneth sang with his wife Dean and family & they traveled all over in the midwest as "The Clark Family-Traveling and Singing The Gospel". Uncle Ken once played Steel Guitar for Charlie Rich in Branson, when Charlie's man got sick.

    1. I’m also a Clark and he looks a lot like our family. If it’s his signature on his website, even that matches my grandfathers. Are you related to any Clark’s in the southern Indiana Kentucky region. I’ve been working on my ancestry and I’m waiting on dna testing. My name isRebecca Ruth Clark and my father was Jack Alfred Clark.